About Us

The Union Boys started back in November 2008. We made a lot of mistakes and changes in that time. We recorded our demo at our high school with the help of a great teacher, then set out into Boston with iron heads. After 2 years of playing shows and making connections we finally got together with the legendary Richard Marr at Galaxy Park Studios. Together we released a our newest E.P. 'Til Death Do Us Part. We have played with bands such as: The Acrobrats, Burning Streets, Beantown Boozehounds, Refuse Resist, Yesterdays Heroes, The Swaggerin' Growlers, and many many more! We look forward to coming to a town near you soon!

Obviously the band wouldn't matter with out our friends or fans. Everybody's great to us and the friends we me along the way helped so much. So thank you to all of you.

Chrisco- Everyone knows he can be a serious pain in the balls. He's loud, obnoxious, and annoying but he's a better drummer than you! He's easy to get use to and a great friend to have.

Alex- Nicest kid you'll ever meet. He plays the low notes and he's got style while he does it. He writes songs. If you got a question he'll probably be able to answer it.

Kyle- He's an irish fucking drunk, he's just a lonely fucking scum. He plays guitar and he's a great dude. If your his friend you know he'll have your back no matter what.

Tainter- He sings, and writes. He drives the white explorer that looks like its gunna fall apart and probably will soon. We break his balls all the time but he's a good dude.

Joey- He book the shows and do the things that need to be done and you need no talent for. He's just a friend of the band. He sends professional emails then you meet him and think he's a joke. "Don't fuck with the band or I'll eat your face. You'll know me as the kid walking on top of the crowd and singing off key." We would be nowhere without him. He's the bread to our butter. If we're The Union Boys, he's the Union Leader.

We're The Union Boys,
Go get a job you fucking bum!

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